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I have been with them since 1978.  Stringham West is always on the cutting edge of research, development, and technology which has made them a leader in the real estate industry for many years. The proven results have been readily available to Stringham West agents to guide and develop their professional careers. Such has been the case in my career. We also have a team of experienced agents, many of whom have been my associates for over 20 years. All are willing to lend a hand and answer questions for new and inexperienced agents. We have found success, and enjoy being at Stringham West Realty. Richard Stringham is a qualified broker/owner and exemplifies the highest degree of integrity and professionalism in the industry. I am happy to be working at Stringham West Realty as a sales associate and see new and exciting growth in the future.

Bud Gardner


I have made my home at Stringham West Realty for over 23 years. I have been well cared for with a great principal broker and staff who have guided me and helped me to feel successful to the point in my 40 plus year career. These people are my friends. Richard Stringham (broker) is a good resource and has a good listening ear. The Stringham West relationship has proven to be a good match.

Jerry Loveland